Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fayse is going Mobile...AGAIN! and Finally!

It has been so long since the very last time I used my Compaq Notebook! Yes, I must agree that the overall performance and storage space on the notebook was pretty slow and was a big let-down after all those while. It was full of sampah-sarap! That's why...

Summer comes summer ends... me too did a summer cleanup for my precious notebook! Steps by steps! I finally did it! Without anymore procastination!

Tasks I performed:
1) CONSULT HP Service Centre for the Recovery CD (thanx to a warm-hearted and helpful IT-man, he burnt a CD-ROM for me!)...actually he isn't authorize to do this...

2) FORMAT the whole THING!

3) INSTALLED minimum softwares and apps I "believe" I need when I'm going Mobile! NOTHING ELSE!

4) DVD ROM Rosak!!!! I need to replace a new one! (thanx to IT-man again during my 2nd visit, I can get a cheaper price and need not go thru 3-5days labour time)...of course, I can't share with u guys how he helped...later he kena "screw"...

5) UPGRADED my RAM to eventually 1.2G...spent "a-quarter-K"...damn!

6) Accidentally "in-herited" Celcom 3G Data Card from ah-luan! :-) And now I can go online using notebook, and it's 3G!!!!! Sounds fun?! Hmmm...I still need to check whether it's fast enough! As per this moment, it "hisap!!!"

7) ......better dun hv to do anything's tiring...

Anyway, just to shout-out, my PRECIOUS is going Mobile again! :-)

Cheers! Happy Re-Born!


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Posted by Fayse at 17:01

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hell yeah! 不可思议!


Laozhabor 我们支持你!保持年轻的心,绝对是你的尊贵自由!你在不久的将来也许会红过William Hung!出Rap专辑,我一定排队去买!我是说真的喔!


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